Dental problems in children are common in India.
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Dental problems in children are common in India.

There are many dental problems in children, which can be overwhelming to ignore for a long time. Learn easy remedies for common dental problems.

The reason for many common dental problems is that the child, especially young children who are 5 or 7 years old, sleep at night without rinsing.

This can damage their teeth i.e. tooth decay. Some children have a very bad habit of putting their fingers or especially the thumb in their mouth. This habit seems very common in appearance, but due to this habit, children’s teeth become crooked and due to this they have to get treated for teeth later.
In which braces can also be put in their teeth. If these habits or these dental problems are not taken care of in time, then it can turn into some serious problems for your child after a very long time.

Therefore, you must pay attention to the oral health of your children and make some efforts so that their mouths can remain healthy. Following are some of the common dental problems found in children, knowing about which you can fix them.

1. Gums Problem

Although this problem is rarely seen in children, if children do not brush regularly or do not take care of themselves, then this problem can be seen. Gum disease occurs when plaque builds up in the lining of a child’s gums, and the bacteria in that plaque can cause the gums to become swollen or red. If your child feels any problem with the gums but you are unable to diagnose it, then you should take them to the doctor and get them checked up. To avoid this, you have to make a healthy routine for your baby’s gums which include habits like brushing.

2. Thumb Sucking

Although this habit is very common in children, if children continue this habit after a time or with it other bad habits like biting the tongue or grinding the teeth, then it will cause bad to your child’s teeth and jaw. may have an effect. In some cases, these habits can even lead to surgery for children. Keep in mind that your children should give up these habits and keep a close watch on their habits. You can also make a plan by which your children can leave these habits.

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3. Sensitivity

Not only adults but children also have to face the problem of sensitive teeth and some of the reasons for this are tooth injury, DK, your child brushing too hard. Due to these habits, your child’s teeth can become sensitive and because of this, they can get a toothache when they eat something cold or hot. To avoid this problem, bring a brush with slightly soft bristles for your children and if they have tooth DK, then go to the doctor to get it removed.

4. Tooth Decay in Children

The problem of tooth DK is very common and it is seen in many children. Due to this, children get a lot of pain in the tooth and their gums get swollen. To avoid this problem, take care of your children’s oral hygiene regularly, make sure that they are brushing every day, and visit the dentist regularly to avoid the increase of problems like these. Keep up

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5. Damaged Teeth

Sometimes your child’s teeth can break or get damaged due to an injury or accident before they can break out naturally. If this is the case with your child, then you should take him to the dentist immediately so that it does not affect his permanent teeth.

If children’s oral hygiene is taken care of in advance, there are very few chances that they will face any kind of dental problem. So brush them on time and get rid of their bad habits.

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