Do you know A to Z about Omicon virus ?

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Do you know A to Z about Omicon virus ?

A to Z about Omicon virus according to the National Institute of Communicable Diseases of South Africa, the symptoms of this variant are not uncommon.. It cannot be said right now whether we can detect this variant with RT-PCR test or not, research is going on, more than 100 samples have been tested in a South African lab, whose full results are not yet released. have been done.

What is the name of new variant?

A to Z about Omicon virus…

The new variant B.1.1.529 of the Covid-19 virus has been named ‘Omicron’. It was first sequenced in Botswana, Southern Africa. After that, its cases have been reported in many countries of Africa.

Characteristics of the new variant different?(Symptoms of omicron)

There was no need to do it, but this is a worrying situation because when the symptoms are not caught, more patients can get infected with it and they will not even be aware of it.
According to the doctors of South Africa, when the patients of the new variant came to them, they had symptoms like



Body pain,

we did not get the symptoms of loss of smell or taste of the mouth in  patients, while there were some cases in which the patient was admitted.

WHO Review on Omicron Virus and new variant ?

WHO has said in its statement that we should not take this new variant lightly, it is spreading very fast, its first infection was found from the sample collected on 9 November.

It is believed that this new variant can spread faster than the delta variant and can have a bad effect on the patient even after taking the vaccine.

The World Health Organization has also said that its exact dangers cannot be said yet, but based on existing evidence, it can be said that it may be more destructive than other variants.

Almost two years after the outbreak of the Covid epidemic, new variants of Covid are being seen all over the world, now it is discussed all over the world due to the new variant Omicron.

The WHO has termed this variant as a ‘highly infectious concern form’. So far in South Africa, more than 25 cases of this new variant have been reported in 10 days, from this country Omicron was started and till now this variant has been found in more than 7 countries, India is still safe from this new variant.

Is. According to Doctors, Director of Critical Care at Fortis Hospital in Mumbai and a member of the State Covid-19 Task Force, it is believed that there are many mutations in the new virus, research is going  on this.

We will get to know more about this variant in the coming time. The symptoms of this variant are also being reported as the symptoms of Covid. With the detection of Omicron, many countries of the world have banned travelers coming from South African countries.

Six people who returned to Maharashtra from South Africa and other high-risk countries have been found infected with the corona virus, after which the administration’s concern has increased.

The new variant Omicron has not yet been confirmed in 6 people found infected with the corona virus. Giving information, the Health Department of all states said that samples of people found corona infected have been sent for genome sequencing and the report is awaited.  Contact tracing is also being done with this new version of Covid 19.

Moderna Vaccine gets approval for emergency use in India

Moderna Vaccine gets approval for emergency use in India

What you know about Omicron?

A new variant named ‘Omicron’ has emerged as a new threat to the world. It is feared to be more infectious and deadly than its ‘delta’ variant.

The World Health Organization has declared it a ‘Variant of Concern’ last week.

The panic over ‘Omicron’ is such that the list of countries that are implementing travel restrictions is getting longer.

But is this fear justified? Is Omicron really so dangerous that it kills more people than Delta?

Will the vaccine also prove insufficient to fight Omicron? The new Covid variant understands everything that has come to the fore about Omicron.6 people returned from high risk countries corona infected.

This New Variant Omicron(COVID 19 ) has raised  a big concerns for  government and government  has stepped up preparations to protect against the new variant to safe our country.

Meanwhile, the Maharashtra government has taken a major step to check the infection of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 and has now made it mandatory for all passengers arriving by flight to undergo RT-PCR test.


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