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Do you know the amazing benefits of fenugreek in daily life?
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Eating fenugreek on an empty stomach also helps in controlling blood pressure and preventing heart diseases. Using it in the right quantity gives the desired benefit.

In India, fenugreek is used for health benefits apart from eating. The tempering of fenugreek enhances the taste of the vegetable. The aroma of this tadka permeates the whole house. Apart from India, Fenugreek is also found in southern Europe, the Mediterranean region, and West Asia. To get the health benefits of fenugreek, it is eaten by adding it to the vegetable, soaking in water, sprouting, etc.

So there are also effective benefits of eating fenugreek seeds on an empty stomach. Lots of Nutritionists and Doctors say that fenugreek seeds contain nutrients like soluble fiber, energy, protein, carbohydrates, due to which eating it on an empty stomach is beneficial in problems like blood sugar, weight management, bloating, etc. is. In today’s article, we will know from what are the benefits of eating fenugreek on an empty stomach.

What are the benefits of fenugreek to eat an empty stomach?

1. Control Blood Sugar

Fenugreek seeds help in the absorption of carbohydrates. Unabsorbed carbohydrates help raise blood sugar levels. Fenugreek produces insulin which reduces the increased blood sugar level. Fenugreek seeds are an effective treatment for type 2 diabetes. It also lowers the level of HbA1C. This is a blood test marker to check for diabetes.

2. Manage Weight

Fenugreek seeds contain soluble fiber. Soluble fiber aids in digestion. It also removes constipation. Eating fenugreek seeds on an empty stomach in the morning reduces appetite. It increases metabolism and stimulates good digestion. It prevents fat accumulation in the body. Eating fenugreek seeds on an empty stomach controls appetite. Loss of appetite leads to weight control.

3. Immunity and Infection Control

Fenugreek seeds contain a compound called saponin. It is rich in powerful antibacterial properties. Saponins help in increasing immunity. Eating fenugreek seeds on an empty stomach prepares the body to fight against viruses and bacteria. Because of this, fenugreek strengthens immunity.

4. Increase breast milk

By eating fenugreek seeds, milk is produced faster in breastfeeding mothers. Actually, galactagogues are found in fenugreek. This compound is helpful in increasing milk in breastfeeding. Fenugreek seed is a potent galactagogue that works in the formation of milk in new mothers. This is the reason why laddoos made of fenugreek seeds are given to new mothers.

Use- Drinking half a spoonful of fenugreek seeds powder or granules boiled in water to lactating mothers makes milk properly. It can be drunk twice a day.

5. Enhance Men’s Sexual Potential

Men have a sex hormone called testosterone. This hormone increases sperm count and fertility. Testosterone hormones start decreasing in men due to their age or certain medical conditions. Fenugreek seeds help in making this hormone. Fenugreek seeds contain furostanolic saponins which help in making testosterone hormone and it also increases sperm count.

6. Lower Cholesterol

Fenugreek seeds reduce bad cholesterol and also reduce triglycerides. Fenugreek seeds contain 48 percent soluble fiber, which helps in reducing cholesterol from the body. Fenugreek is good for heart health. It controls blood pressure.

7. Beneficial in inflammation

Fenugreek seeds have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. Fenugreek has properties called copper, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc and manganese. All these properties help in reducing inflammation. Fenugreek is also helpful in diseases like inflammation caused by joint pain and colitis. Many types of anti-oxidants are found in fenugreek seeds which keep the body healthy.

8. Reduce Menstrual Pain

Menstruation sometimes becomes painful for many women. The pain in this is unbearable for them. But the consumption of fenugreek can reduce it. Fenugreek seeds act as a natural pain killer. These seeds contain alkaloids that reduce pain. It provides quick relief from pain in the first three days of menstruation.

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9. Fenugreek is beneficial for hair

Applying fenugreek to the hair ends the problem of dandruff and it is also good for hair growth. It can be used as a hair mask.

Use- Make a hair mask by mixing curd and fenugreek seeds. Apply it once a week. This will make the bars smooth and shine.

How to use fenugreek seeds?


Grind fenugreek seeds and eat them by adding them to curries, salads, soups, or smoothies.
Make fenugreek laddoos and feed them to new mothers. This will speed up the production of milk.
Fenugreek seeds are also eaten after sprouting. Eat it like a salad.
Eat fenugreek seeds mixed with cooked vegetables.
Fenugreek seeds can also be added to your herbal tea.

Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Boil that water in the morning on an empty stomach and drink it

Some important Notes:-

Excess consumption of anything is harmful. Therefore, fenugreek should also be consumed in a balanced way.

Nutritionist says that one should not eat more than 1 to 1.5 teaspoons of fenugreek seeds in a day. If you are taking fenugreek powder, then take only 1 teaspoon a day. Excess consumption of fenugreek can reduce blood sugar levels. Excess consumption can cause diarrhea, gas, or allergies. 

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