Do you know the work schedule of Staff Nurse.
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Hello friends again we come to talk or discuss something with you know and today our topic for discussion is nothing but belongs to the profession or as the profession nursing.

8 Hours of shift duty.

As you all know in nursing job we have to serve 24 hours and 7 days of week so it is 24/7 job and we can manage it by shift duty arrangement so any staff can available anytime with the patient or we can say new word client.

Night Duty of 12 Hours.

Do you know about night shift is really a subject to think and not good for the health of nurses. because i know the work distribution system of hospitals, minimum staff and more then patients,minimum salary and high pressure of management or trustees of hospital or any health care organization.

Punishment during work.

i have also experience of hospital that why and how doctors and other management staff blame the staff if any patient death by the mistake of any other health personal or them self in maximum cases the only victim is nursing staff.

work of staff nurse is classify in developing countries.

No my friends as the subtopic we all know the nursing staff has to do all type of work like treatment,medication,injection,dressing,advice for food and habits,cleaning their self,take procedure concern and all the things a staff has to maintain but in developed countries the system is totally different and the specific staff has to do only specific work as allotted by the system and organization,also they get the remuneration according to their work and quality.

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