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Govt has started Covid Vaccine for the age group of 12-14.

CORBEVAX Vaccine lauch in india for age group of 12 to 14.
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Govt has started Covid Vaccine for the age group of 12-14.

we know that we are suffering from covid-19 corona virus a immune disease and it is really a very danger because we don’t have proper guideline of treatment for corona virus.

India is one and only country who discover the vaccine of corona virus in very short duration of time, specially our vaccine is worlds safest vaccine and  we are getting benefits from this all vaccines.

very soon india has started use of CORBEVAX vaccine with emergency use. In the countries where the vaccine has started, initially the elderly and people coming in the high risk group have been covered specially children’s of all age groups.

This vaccine of Bharat Biotech and other pharma company also started  trialed in children in phases 2 and 3 and the subject expert committee recommended it to be given to children for the age group of 16 to 18 and now another vaccine Corbevax.

Corbevax is India’s first indigenously developed and manufactured by  RBD-protein subunit vaccine, manufactured by Hyderabad-based Biological E Limited company with all certifications.

Trial of vaccine  was divided into  some age groups: 2 to 6 years, 6 to 12 years and 12 to 18 years.

Vaccine is already included in the vaccination program and is being given to people above 12 to 18 year of ages.

Booster dose or we can say Prediction dose is also  started in india  for health workers and others age groups.
Prediction doses (booster doses) will also be introduced for people with serious diseases above 60 years of age.

The process of applying the corona virus vaccine has started in some countries.

Along with this, pregnant and lactating women have been instructed not to take this vaccine.

Governments have also issued many guidelines for the people who are being vaccinated. Meanwhile, the question is also being asked whether children will get this vaccine?

Corbevax had received the emergency use authorization (EUA) from the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) in February 2022 for children in the age group of 12 to 18 years.

“There is no need to give vaccine to children right now. Trials have not even been done on children yet. That’s why the vaccine will not be given to the children right now.”

According to ICMR data, out of all the people who have been found infected with the corona virus in India so far, 12 percent are of teenagers and children below the age of 20 years.

The vaccine injects a volume of cloned spike proteins, instead of instructing cells to replicate it.

How many doses of vaccine is administer of CORBEVAX.  

Children will be administered with two doses at an interval of 28 days or it may be changed according to research – four weeks after the first dose.

The COVID-19 pandemic has massively disrupted the entire world because when suddenly comes any pandemic no one prepare for that and death ratio is high in pandemic. Besides direct devastation of health, the epidemic and therefore the lockdown have had myriad indirect effects, be it on the environment, livelihoods, or supply chains.
The impact of COVID-19 and therefore the lockdown on the ‘business of health care has not been examined.

it is really a vital concern on the larger arena of health take care of our citizens within the near future because of their immunity .

lot’s of  debate around the lack of capacity of our healthcare system to fight against this pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created many challenges for health and care services worldwide and has led to the largest significant societal crises in the last century.


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