corona increase or decrease the stress of nurses world wide?
Written by Neha

As we all know that Corona is a pandemic world wide because of a virus name as Covid -19 and the situation created by covid-19 the pandemic disease condition spread world wide start from china and then through out the world.
As a health team and responsibility to provide care to patients a nurses pay very important role in this pandemic situation with doctors as all know.
Corona is a transmit from one to another a nurses has a very big concern to save their family members,children’s and loved ones to transmit from this Corona virus also another very big challenge is to work 8 to 12 hours with PPE kit (personal protective Equipment ) and this is very difficult to work in PPE kit.
personal protective Equipment is a kind of special equipment you wear to create a barrier between you and germs. this barrier help to reduce the chances to direct touch,spread infection and spreading germs.Here is main concept is to maintain balance between your normal life as a family member and a housewife, a earning person,a family head and father or mother of children’s and another a medical or paramedical staff and serving in covid-ward.
The Government and national and international body plan any remuneration or any package for paramedical staff or special nursing staff to reduce their stress from all the pandemic situation or work stress.
We can’t say that this is stress because of work in field of medical or Covid ward but the main anxiety is to how can we keep safe our children’s, family members and how to balance the life cycle with work to treat the corona patients.
This is also give lots of happiness that i work for my country as a army fores to come out from pandemic and treat lots of patients and save their life.
we want to give tribute the corona worriers who just pass away because of corona infection during or after work with corona ward and community,Some of male and female nurses pass away in this pandemic we or our country can’t forget them and all are those are the real heroes that we know.

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