How to become a military nurse in India?
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These are the question, again and again, we get in the mail or in the comments so we trying to explain in our blog, how to become a military nurse in India,

  • What is the salary of a military nurse in India?
  • What is the salary of a military nurse?
  • Military Nursing Service Eligibility,
  • Military Nursing Service physical requirements.

History of Nursing in the Military.

To work in the military in any state or country is the dream of nurses or any human being, so everyone tries to join the military, army, or any other forces to serve the nation.

The main goal of all nurses is to care for their patients and help them get better, for instance. However, in many ways, a military nursing career is very different than a traditional nursing career.

When the Indian Army Nurse Corps was established. Today, military nurses hold military rank and can be part of any of the Nurse Corps of any major military branch, including the Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard with their norms & regulations.

In some ways, a military nursing career is very similar to a traditional nursing career because nursing is all about care. For instance, instead of caring for civilian patients in comfortable hospital settings, military nurses care for current or past members of the military officers and their family members, sometimes in very dangerous settings, the military nurses have to work during an attack or natural calamity.

As with all nursing careers, there are a number of disadvantages and advantages to working as a military nurse. First of all, a military nursing career can be very stressful and sometimes heartbreaking. It can also be somewhat dangerous since it’s not uncommon for military nurses to be deployed to foreign war zones with troops.

You will also have access to a first-class education and be well compensated for your time. Also, excellent benefits, such as free healthcare, often go hand in hand with a military career. However, one of the biggest rewards of working as a military nurse is the experience your gain and the respect you earn from colleagues and loved ones.

Despite the drawbacks of the career, there are also a number of benefits. For instance, as a military nurse, you will have the chance to travel and see the world.

What Is a Military Nurse?

Military nurses have licensed registered nurses personal who are qualified by the government exam to provide medical care specifically to patients in military clinics and hospitals run by the military and government. Much like traditional registered nurses who treat & give their services to civilians, military nurses monitor wounds for infection, prepare patients for surgical procedures, and administer preoperative and postoperative care for those inside the military.

The brave souls in our military are some of our nation’s most honorable men and women. Not do they fight for their own lives every day, but they also fight for our lives and freedom for the military.

What Are the Educational Requirements for a Military Nurse?

  • The first step in becoming a military nurse is obtaining your Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing(B.Sc.Nursing).
  • Then Become RN/RM for the registered nursing council.
  • Army, the military put an advertisement for the post of nurses then government exam conducted for their post, you are then permitted to sit for the state board examinations.
  • All the training, aptitude tests were conducted and selected candidates can get a chance to work in the paramedical department of the armed forces.

Important Certifications or Credentials Needed?

Before an individual becomes an official military nurse, they must already have graduated from a nursing program approved by their state’s Board of Nursing, or we can say the nursing council and passed the competitive examination for the post, you are eligible to obtain an RN license. After this, RNs can apply to a particular branch of the military, and if accepted, sign the necessary training like physical fitness and other medical fitness is very important.

Who can apply for military nursing?

Any person who belongs from their country of birth in their own country not transmitted or migrated persons are allowed to join, even with that mental & physical fitness is also a very important task to join military or army nursing.

How to Apply for military nursing ?

Application for the military is a very easy task but the selection is a step by step procedure and the main task to publish notification from the authorized department of CRPF, the Military, the Army, the Railway police, and others.

The official website is the main source to apply and a written examination is the basic way to get qualify and secure a rank in paramilitary forces.

Roles and Duties of Military Nurses?

The primary functions and obligations of active military nurses are to:

  • Treat patients in the military hospital & clinics.
  • administered medication Prescribe by doctors.
  • Treat and give health services to forces even their family members.
  • Treat wounded soldiers and other military personnel
  • Provide vaccinations to children in developing countries.
  • Set up military triage in war zones during emergencies.
  • Work in pre-operative settings applying anesthesia or others
  • Provide emergency care to victims affected by natural disasters
  • manny more works done by a military nurse and that is a proud moment for us.
What is your Salary & Employment expectations in military.

Military or any armed forces are run by central government and the job is decided by government it self with current pay scale of country with good growth rate, increment policy, job duration, LIC, life insurance, family security, child education is given by government as per law.

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