How to save your child from the corona virus?
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How to save your child from the coronavirus?

How dangerous the new form of coronavirus is, can be guided by the fact that big and small children are also getting infected. Experts told a that children are showing symptoms of fever, cold, and cough which were not there during the epidemic last year. However, he said that there is no need to panic.

The Indian medical community has expressed apprehension that the third wave of the Kovid-19 pandemic is expected in a few months. This is the third such possibility – almost all doctors have expressed it. In such a situation, the Indian Institutes of Health have started preparing to gear up to start the advance plan to meet the challenge but there is no need to panic, just follow Corona’s protocol with full caution.

The new coronavirus new strain of Corona is spreading rapidly. The new strain of Corona is wreaking havoc on innocent children. The second wave of coronavirus is having more impact on children and the elderly. Doctors have also advised children to take necessary precautions and not to leave the house.

Children are more prone to coronavirus infection. After all, how much danger is there in children from new strains? How can one be cautious with this?

pediatricians Dr. Discussed on the new strain of Corona is not a threat to the children. dr told that people need not be afraid. This is the second phase of the epidemic. Last year too, children were infected, but they were few in number, but this time more children are getting infected. Children are showing symptoms of fever, cold, and cough which were not there during the epidemic last year. However, there is no reason to panic, as children up to 14 years of age do not have a receptor for the coronavirus and therefore do not have trouble breathing.

It is necessary to keep children separate, children should be kept away from elderly members of the family. If some symptoms are seen in children, then they should be taken to the pediatrician.

How dangerous is the new strain of corona and how to take precautions?

Vaccination necessary, Dr. and a pediatrician from Ahmedabad told that to be extra careful this time. Is required. He said that it is necessary to maintain social distance, put on masks, wash hands with soap, and uses sanitizer. Timely vaccination is necessary.

  • How to protect children from a new strain of corona?
  • Do not let the children get out of the house.
  • Contact the doctor as soon as symptoms of fever, cold, and cough are kept away from the elderly members of the family.
  • Keep the hands washed with soap and keep sanitizing.
  • Check the oxygen level. If the child is abnormally lethargic, then visit the doctor immediately.
  • Having a pulse oximeter in every home is important.
  • Special attention should also be paid to the diet of the child.
  • Because of this epidemic, the whole world is living in a state of tension and fear at this time. No one knows when and how this disease will take hold.
  • In such a situation, it is only natural for the parents to be worried about the health of the children.

The concern of keeping them locked in the house all day so that they are safe is not less than a major problem. It has been clear from studies that corona infection can catch everyone, whether adults or children.

Coronavirus and your child 

Although earlier it was being claimed that this is happening only to adults or the elderly, who have low immunity. But now, due to the children suffering from it, it has been assumed that the children are also not untouched by it.

In such a situation, it is important for the parents to keep an eye on every change in the child and consult a doctor immediately.

In the case of children becoming victims of the virus, many other issues will need to be addressed such as how to allow their parents or attendants to stay in the Covid ward. Children dependent on breast milk will need special care. With the third wave of COVID predicted to be more dangerous for children, doctors have suggested that parents and grandparents should get vaccinated as soon as possible to keep children safe.

Some other tips to save your child’s

  • Cleanliness should be taken care of in children.
    Prevent children from meeting each other.
  • Do not meet children immediately after coming from outside. After coming from outside take a bath and sanitize yourself.
  • Stop children’s outdoor activity and ask them to play at home.
  • Keep your children safe from the children of society, do not let them meet any other children.
  • All members of the household wear masks, if not, then do not go outside the house and strictly follow the corona protocol and give the same advice to the members of the household.

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