The important role of nurses in the distribution of covid-19 vaccine world-wide.
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vaccination is a very important key function of nursing staff because it needs perfection in observation, child or object handling, and maintain vaccine cold chain or temperature.

what is the importance of temperature maintenance?

Any vaccine is only safe when maintain it’s temperature given by the manufacturer of any vaccine and all the guideline is given with vaccine tag with other information.

If the temperature is not maintained by health workers the vaccine can spoil and the side effect can be seen on the patient.

what is VVM ?

VVM is a vaccine vial monitor and by VVM we can get the basic idea that the vaccine is perfect for use or not for use.

who can give vaccine to patient ?

Any professional degree holder nursing staff, doctor, paramedical staff or community health staff who has undergone with training of vaccine distribution or proper application without any complication.

Our findings and research on this.

The aim of this article is to analyze the main elements of positive communication styles used in vaccination campaigns and initiatives

The most relevant aspects of nursing expertise and competencies were mixed with foundations of mass communication theory, in order to develop a framework made by 13 items, useful to evaluate different aspects of immunization campaigns

An integrative review was performed, about the following main themes: vaccination adherence basis; role of nurse in health promotion, health education, multi-professionals integration in public health, positive communication style, efficacy evaluation.

A multi-professional project was developed, to obtain a deep integration between nurse expertise in health care promotion and other groups with similar public health orientation.

Nurses’ knowledge and competencies in health promotion and health education add relevant meanings and cues to act against the causes for not vaccinating and we know a nurse can convince easily.

The main findings of this study regard the usefulness of evaluating main aspects of communication in the vaccine field.

The evaluation framework (13 items) was prepared and applied to vaccine communication in different institutional settings in the last five years.

Why nurses are very important part in covid-19 vaccine ?

  • The nurses are pre trend to deliver vaccine.
  • The nurses are degree holder and registered with council.
  • The nurses can easily guide as a local community people.
  • The nurses are more trusted in society.
  • The nurses are connected with health care profession.

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