Man in Nursing as equal women’s.
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Male Nursing education equal to female

Nursing is one of the fastest-growing professions worldwide, with the successfully organized education and professional development by the Nursing Colleges and Nursing institutes and also the support is given by Nursing council to students for the development of the Nursing profession.

Job security of Male Nurses

Million of new nursing jobs are day by day created by the Recruitment agency because to solve out the staff crises in the lot’s of hospital, special Hospitals prefer male nurses because they are more strong or active to work with time, place, night shift duty and different area. here we just explain the benefit to take Brother or male for job in hospitals even some of female Nurses are also very much active to work with all the condition and smart enough to work. if past the field started with female staff but time by time males are taken interest in nursing job in hospital. That’s why the subject of men in nursing is an important one to explore.

Ambulatory services For patient

The male Nurses are agree to work for transportation of patient from one city to another city or one state to another state so all the hospital prefer some male staff for the ambulatory services for patient and Hospital.

Overtime benefits to Hospital As well as staff also

some time on the staff shortage and other festival season all the hospitals are suffer from staff shortage and other crises like resigning lots of staff at a time so at that time a male facility are play a very important role to take it serious and agree to do extra overtime duty and give support to top level management. so all the hospital consider man in Nursing as equal women’s.

Gender Discrimination in Nursing

Gender discrimination with respect to the nursing profession has taken many forms. For example from 1901 to 1955, only women could serve as nurses in the US military as well as same in India and other country but the council work with government and then the male are applicable for Nursing job by law country constitution. 

Perception about male and female staff in hospital.

“ The perception that males working in the nursing care field are there to serve as ‘muscle’ for their female colleagues – lifting patients, mopping floors, etc. Above all, the perception whether male or female, that there is some sex link to the nursing profession.”

“The effeminate stereotype. That it is not a profession worthy of a male.”

“One very important misperception is that men are incapable of being caring and nurturing.”

Why male shift partner select by female staff.

The female staff fill secure to work with good knowledge and skilled male shift partner because “she can handle the patient with the help of colleague” like lifting, shifting, or convincing the alcoholic patient some time.

Barriers to gender diversity in nursing profession.

In some article that appeared in the Journal by author examined the ability of the nursing profession to recruit and retain men in nursing schools and in the workforce. They identified challenges faced by men entering or working in the nursing field.

  • Lack of male nurse mentors
  • Lack of male nurse educators
  • Sex-related bias in obstetric rotations
  • Men feeling unwelcome in the clinical setting
  • Men’s fear of suspect touch when providing care for female patients
  • Little or no course content on communication differences between men and women and on men’s
  • Lack of career-oriented support by significant people in the male nursing student’s life

we are trying to explain about the current concept compare with past concept with male & female nursing staff. even we know both are well educated, Registered by respective council and all the things are depend on person to person different according to personality of individual.

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