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Hello everyone,

I’m Ms. Chitra Kantharia working as a lecturer in T & T.V. institute of nursing hereby I am sharing some of the experience regarding the nursing profession.

I have met the most amazing people on my nursing journey so far and those people are going to stay with me for life, I just know it.

You’re going to meet people from all different cultures, religions, all different walks of life, sexualities and you’re just going to hit it off and they’re going to just be your best friend you’re going to start doing things together, you’re going to start experiencing things together, you’re going to start this nursing journey together and experience so much.

It’s just amazing; I’ve made a new nursing family and it’s just an incredible.

One day you’ll be doing one thing, the next day you’ll be doing another thing. There’s such a massive variety in nursing and people don’t realize that actually, you can do so much. There’s a whole world of nursing out there ready to explore and if you don’t like one sort of particular area it doesn’t matter because there’s so much that you can do.

If I’ll tell you about my student life. You can go into research, you can work in the hospital wards, you can work out in the community in general practice, in sexual health and family planning, you can go and work in hospices and care homes for the elderly.

As a teacher also you can learn many more things, the level of your knowledge should be increased and you can develop yourself holistically.

Writer :-Ms. Chitra Kantharia.

Ms. Chitra Kantharia.
( Mental health nursing)
T & T.V. institute of nursing

“You can mold your career as you want with hard work & dedication”

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