Nurses can play an important role to cope with a hospital stay for children.
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Nurses learn about the care of the adult patients as well as children also according to norms and education in the syllabus.

Nurses know how to deal with children’s according to age group.

Nurses know about the age group of children according to age group needs of the development of physical and mental status.

Hospital set up for children’s

We all know very well that pediatric doctors and other health personal make hospitals set up for children on child themes like cartoons, toys, and other play materials.

Especially keep in mind that no child can injure during hospital stay so special rubber sheets and radium color use for prevention of child injury.

children play with their toys in hospital

Staff Recruitment in pediatric hospital

The management especially focuses on skilled staff to recruit for neonates or children because of perfection in work or some procedure for children’s like blood collection or NICU care, feeding.

Health education in very important for parents

Give detail education and some other tips like child care, Exclusive breast feeding ,Kangaroo mother care, parent education, prevention of accident in children’s.

A specially appointed educator along with a doctor properly assesses the parents and their education then gives a detailed brief on how to care for your child.

Some important observation of staff

  •  If the admission is planned and time permits, arrange a tour of the pediatric unit with your child so he or she can meet some of the staff, see the rooms, and play areas.
  • Some hospitals even have great playrooms for hospitalized kids. This way, when the child is admitted to the hospital for care he/she can cope up easily with any condition.
  • Inquire before admitted to the hospital that any child life specialist staff is available in that hospital or not.
  • The professional educated nurse who is specializes in working with children and families to minimize stress and confusion that an effective for treatment.
  • Nurses offer support, guidance, and information before and during the hospital stay. Ask to speak to this person if one exists. If not, ask to speak to the nurse manager or one of the staff nurses on the pediatric unit beforehand or during your child’s stay for suggestions on how to make the hospital stay as comfortable for your child as possible.
  • Bring some of your child’s world into the hospital room. Check beforehand about unit policies, but you may be able to bring in personal photos, posters for the wall, cards, a favorite pillow or slippers, stuffed animals, etc.
  • Bring activities such as coloring or puzzle books, magazines, crafts, or a deck of cards which is a favorite of your child that can reduce the anxiety of your children during treatment. (It may not be advisable to bring expensive electronic devices such as DVD players, electronic games, and computers, but check with the nurse or child life specialist).
  • Include the child in discussions and decision-making as much as possible in plain and age-appropriate language.
  • For older children, provide a journal and encourage them to record their feelings, thoughts, and experiences.
  • Every child and family, as well as every situation, is different. But with a little thought, planning, and effort you can minimize the trauma and make your child’s stay in the hospital
  • Many hospitals allow parents or guardians to sleep overnight in the child’s room in some circumstances. Inquire about this if it is something you might want to do. The nurse can advise you on special permission according to hospital policy.
  • Read books to younger children about being in the hospital. These are available in bookstores and libraries.
  • They may even be available in the hospital gift shop. Discuss how the children in the story feel and how they are coping.

The Nurses and hospital staff are pay their very important role to cope up from any disease condition and hospital stay as soon as possible.

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