Nursing Profession Salary 2021 due to Corona Pandemic.
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We  want to discussed about the importance of nursing staff world wide according to population and the salary in this development phase.

This articles will be provided  you All over  Nursing salary details like an ANM Nurse Salary, GNM Nurse Salary, BSc Nurse Salary, MSc Nurse Salary, Staff Nurse Salary, Average Nurse Salary according to experience,because experience put big  changes.

Some different type of area where nursing staff works:-

  • Traveling Nurse Salary
  • Pediatric Nurse salary
  • Nursing Officer salary
  • Nursing Assistant Salary
  • NICU Nurse Salary
  • Registrar Nurse Salary
  • Practical Nurse Salary
  • Practitioner Salary
  • Anesthetist Nurse Salary,
  • Associates Nurse Salary

ANM Nursing staff Salary:

ANM Stand for the Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery, this is entry level course of one year in nursing and basic  jobs for Nurse Department, basically ANM Salary rang package for Fresher’s candidate salary around in INR 10,000 to INR 12,000 per Month then according to experience they can get more salary.

GNM Nursing staff Salary:

GNM Nurse Stand for the General Nurse Midwifery, however the GNM Nurse generally work in hospital and long term health care department,like home-care,nursing homes,government or private hospitals however the GNM Nurse Average Salary will be provided in rang of 18,000 to 35,000 per month with along to experience  work to increase your salary and pay scale and government give all benefits like PF and others.

BSc Nursing  staff Salary:

The BSc Nursing Stand for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing, however BSc Nursing is Degree level programs and provided health care professional, however the BSc Nursing Starting salary in Rang of Rs.24,000 to Rs.35,000 Per Month (Increase of Experience of working)and BSc Nursing staff can work in both hospital setup and medical or nursing college for the training purposes

MSc Nursing staff Salary:

MSc Nursing salary per month between on Rs 35,000 to 75,000 Per Month around the working space and working knowledge or we can say this is depend on institute and job profile of person in that institute  however the MSc Nursing is highly professional and skilled enough to serve the leadership of Nursing Professional also get the post of matron,ANS or nursing superintendent.

Registered Nurse Salary:

Registered Nurse is highly demanded filed of Medical health Department, however the registered nurse will be make decent amount of money in the state, candidate can check here state wise registered nurse salary are different but we can say registered nurse who is registered with any council or nursing body.

Staff Nursing staff Salary:

The Staff Nurse Salary will be increased on based on monthly view; however the Staff Nurse Salary will be according to their degree, when announced and pay 7th pay Commission of Government of India and Increased Staff Nurse Salary in 2021 and given other benefits.

Pediatric Nurse Salary:

The Pediatric Nurse is highly recommend and skill health care professional of Health care department of caring for Children, however this types nursing has advanced medical training in Pediatrics and works for caring in Children’s, however the according U.S Government has decided to provided Pediatric Nurse salary in $95,000 Average Salary or more then this with others benefits.

Nursing Officer Salary:

According the government has update 7th pay commission Pay Scale, then increase Pay Scale and salary in Any department 2021, however the Nursing officer salary will be increase on after 7th pat commission on Rs.45,000 to Rs.77,000 Per Month, according to state government and central government has other benefits in salary.

Registered Nurse will be making in Average Base salary in $35 per hour in United States and $10,250 Overtime per years, however the applicant candidate can check United States wise Registered Nurse Salary listing below section

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