Nursing students will give services in government hospitals of Gujarat

Written by Neha

As Corona cases are increasing day by day the administration is taking every measure to ensure better facilities for the patients. In view of the same final year, students from Nursing colleges of Gujarat State will give their services in government hospitals to come out from pandemic of coronavirus.

Government directors informed, they had convened a meeting with Principals of all Nursing Colleges of all cities, evoking the Disaster Management Act and Epidemic Act.

Upon their instructions, all Colleges have agreed to provide their final year Nursing students under the State Government’s policy as Nursing Sahayak.

After the decision about Nursing Sahayak will be available from September they will be deployed in All the Government Hospitals, as per requirement.

The decision will not only help to fulfill the staff requirement in government hospitals but also give information to the Nursing students.

Nursing associations do not agree with the decision taken by Government.

The association who is working for the staff to come out from problems are not agreed with the decision taken by the government but do you know what is the reason behind all this.

  1. Concern Safety purpose of nursing students.
  2. Does the government know about the staff working on outsourcing?
  3. How much registered staff with the council sits at home because of unemployment.
  4. Who is responsible for the health of nursing students.
  5. Why the Quality of food given to doctors and nursing staff are different even work in the same covid-19 hospital.
  6. Quality of PPE kit.
  7. why the government not taken the staff on a permanent basis if they need the staff nurses.

The concern of association is also taken on seriously because if you have lots of staff registered with the council then take the data from that and give the staff permanent order step by step then the staff shortage will full fill why government wants to take a risk with nursing students.

Some time government say that without Council registration and experience we are not allowed the staff to work so how can they change the concept of working by themself.

We are with the decision taken by the government to appoint the students for work in a pandemic but we are concern about what about the staff unemployment because of covid-19, and New upcoming recruitment not done from a long time.

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