Patient safety goal is a big concern in 2020-21.
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Patient safety is a big concern because we are suffering from a pandemic of COVID-19 and due to corona patient is main concern part of the health care system.

The government of All country thinks about patient safety in a different way as their guidelines because no one knows about Vaccine side effects and other benefits.

The vaccine is prepared in short duration of time for covid -19 and government has given the emergency permission because of maximum cases worldwide but all the vaccine which is permitted for use is safe and all the guidelines of patient safety are taken on high priority.

The Covid -19 teach us and specialized healthcare to take the patient on high priority is our first aim so that hospitals use PPE kit, Face Mask, Gloves, and much more safety equipment’s.

There are some Hospital National Patient Safety Goals and that is observed by the joint commission on all aspects of patient safety.

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We are concise some patient safety points here that are important according to our team and online research.

Goal One

Identify patients correctly(Name, Age, Sex, other information).

Goal Two

Improve effective communication(Patient education).

Goal Three

Improve the safety of high-alert medications (Emergency medications).

Goal Four

Ensure safe surgery with proper concern and explanation to patient.

Goal Five

Reduce the risk of health care-associated infections(Nosocomial infection).

Goal Six

Reduce the risk of patient harm resulting from falls & safe shifting .

We want to request our readers and other medical personnel if you have any idea or new update on patient safety please comment us or write to us.

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