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A ventricular shunt is used in the treatment of ______ disease.
Big and bogey uterus with bleeding and rapid pulse rate in the third stage of labour are the signs of______
Normal color of amniotic fluid is
IN polio vaccine vial,inner square of VVM is lighter than outer circle it means
Normal PH range of blood is
Which among the following vaccine is stored in freezer
Kit supplied at subcentre is called as
Name of the duodenal hormone is______
In quintuplets how many babies are present?
A patient receiving continuous salbutamol nebulization therapy. Nurse assess for
When toddlers move around on their hands keeping their abdomen off the floor, it is called:
Normal biparietal diameter (BPD) measurement of full term fetal head is____
0.45% Normal saline is the
Which of the following is used for passive immunization?
_____ is a disease that can be caused due to infected milk.

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