The voice of the Nurse can make a change in treatment.
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The voice of the Nurse can make a change in treatment is a great concept we think.

Hello, a friend’s as today our team visited a government hospital for some work and “what we have observed inward?”, that we want to share with our readers.

  • A nurse loudly speaks from the nurse’s station.
  • A nurse not give a reply to a patient in the right manner.
  • A nurse busy with her mobile phone on duty.
  • A nurse has no respect for time.
  • A nurse not properly guides a patient regarding treatment.

These are some points that we have observed in the hospital during the visit and try to find out the cause behind this scene.

  • Limited staff.
  • No work classification.
  • No proper channel arrangement for professional lifestyle.
  • No dignity is given by other higher officers.
  • No work satisfaction.
  • No salary satisfaction.
  • No mental satisfaction.

How the Voice of a nurse can treat the patient?

As we experience people want to take treatment in private hospital because all the nurses from private hospital will always speak slowly, politely and perfect answer of your query.

The client or patient want to take treatment from well educated, well dressed, well behavior nursing staff.

A patient is not only ill from any disease or any virus or anything but the patient is mentally disturbed also come for treatment and many more cases patient can be treated by the atmosphere given by staff.

If a nurse can give a professional touch to the patient then a patient can easily open In front of the patient that what are the actual causes of illness of what is the reason for anxiety or stress?

The voice of Nurse can make a big change in the treatment of patients.

As our heading give everything display about the nurses behavior we know whatever system surrounding us is not good or we have lots of stress of our personal life cycle, family, children’s, parents, friends but our work is to hide our expression or emotion and talk with any patient with very politely with smile.

A Smile can change the mood, behavior and trust of patient towards your treatment.

A doctor can give more time to patient as a nursing staff can so try your best to give your 100% in treatment.

whatever problem in salary, management will never talk in front of patient.

keep in mind one and very important thing that you have chosen this profession by your self not forced by any other.

If you are working in this profession because someone says you to come please left this profession.

If you have join this profession because of money then also this profession is not for you.

what ever in your mind clear it out that you have to maintain the nursing code of ethics and professionalism.

Confirm what you speak and what other can react on your activity.

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