Unveiled Personal Story of A Nurse’s:- Why Become A Nurse?
Written by Neha

Job security

I was going to be one of those lucky people who got to love going to work every day with lots of challenges.

when I choose nursing not sure if that was for me a perfect solution for me to achieve the goal of life, but because of the job security, solid and consistent paycheck right after graduation, and degree.

Nursing school teach me how to care the patient with knowledge and my first job teach me how to cope up with situation created, I got through it though and started working as an RN in a hospital.  I discovered I was kind of good at it too because of practices during intership.  I don’t like to give myself too much credit, but when a old lady patient grabs your hand, gives you a huge smooch,and see at your side and says that you’re really a good nurse.. you can’t tell her she’s wrong.

what you get when your patient is Discharge from the hospital?

A patient keep trust on you when you meet first time to your patient with time he or she can identify how much you know about profession and health care, even put trust on you and share everything with you.

At the time of discharge, a patient has lots of blessings and happiness for you in the form of rewards and you can’t understand at that time what you got with this job.

Even your patient reach their home talk to you that how you care for her in hospital.

I choose this because of An Average Person in schools.

At the time of selection of field I don’t know about the Basics of Nursing and the professional qualities of nurses but day by day I understand about the hidden blessings of work in this profession and actually, this is a great gift or rewards.

I get this chance because of the average person in school marks and reports but I am so happy when I got my first job very soon just after pass out.

Patient review and feedback.

Each and every patient is very important for me because he/she teaches me a new disease condition, solution, management, and mistakes in my behavior so everyday improvement in my behavior so really a patient is for me a new book to learn something.

Professional development

My hospital team my doctor friends and other members give me a box with a professional touch and really this touch is very useful for me to change day by day finally make a great bonding with professionals not only professional but my personal life has lots of changes that my family members feel and they revealed in front of me.

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