we cross 100 crore Corona vaccines in our country.
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PM Modi congratulated our nursing staff on getting 100 crore Corona vaccines in our country.

India has planted a new flag in the field of corona vaccination. The country touched the figure of 100 million doses of corona vaccine on October 21, 2021. India achieved this feat in about 278 days.

According to this, an average of 27 lakh people were given the dose of corona vaccine every day. Three-quarters of our country’s population has taken at least one dose of the corona vaccine. About 30% of citizens are those who have taken both doses.

This was a big challenge, because in the country with ‘Survey Santu Niramaya’, questions were being asked from the Modi government as to which country would vaccinate India?

In India, not one, but two vaccines were manufactured and a net was laid for vaccination in every village and town. Even help was sought from mosques to spread awareness in Muslim-majority areas. Opposition continued to criticize, but the Modi government did not allow a shortage of vaccines.

India is consistently setting records in the ongoing fight against corona virus infection worldwide. From vaccine production to Covid Vaccination, India has set many records before the world. Today the country has set a new record in the vaccination campaign against corona.

Today, the figure of 100 crore doses of vaccine against corona in the country has been completed.

The 100th vaccination was given in the country at 9:48 am this morning. With this figure surpassing, India has set a new record for vaccines in front of the world.

According to the information, about 31 per cent of the population in the country has been given both doses of the vaccine and about 75 per cent of the adults have been given the first dose of corona vaccine.

The government is celebrating more than 100 crore vaccinations against corona in the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also reached RML Hospital in Delhi on this occasion and met the health personnel.

The Prime Minister held a meeting with the health workers.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also joined in the celebration of giving doses of more than 100 crore corona vaccines in the country. The Prime Minister reached RML Hospital in Delhi and held a meeting with the health workers.

During this, Prime Minister Modi also met the person who had received the 100 crore vaccine of Corona. The Prime Minister also thanked the right health workers for their contribution during the coronavirus epidemic.

Let me tell you that the 100th dose of Corona vaccine in Delhi was given to Arun Roy who came to Delhi from Banaras. Earlier in the month of September, the country had set a record by applying the highest dose of 80 lakh doses every day.

Apart from that, a record vaccination was also carried out in the country on the occasion of PM Modi’s birthday. India is setting new records every day in the world in terms of vaccination against corona.

PM Modi congratulated on getting 100 crore vaccines

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has congratulated the country on setting a new record during the corona vaccination campaign. He said in his address that the country has got the protection of 100 crore corona vaccine.

During this time he also had a meeting with the health personnel and he congratulated the people associated with the health services on this record vaccination. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that we all have to defeat Corona together.

He also tweeted to the people of the country, “We are seeing the triumph of science, enterprise and collective spirit of 130 crore Indians.

Congratulations to India on surpassing 100 crore vaccinations. Our doctors, nurses and all of them Gratitude to those who worked to achieve this. ” Prime Minister Narendra Modi while instilling a sense of responsibility in the country said that we have to defeat Corona together. He also appreciated the role of private sector during this time.

The highest dose in these states

corona vaccines have been administered to people in India since the beginning of this year. vaccines against corona are being administered daily in all states and districts across the country as per the age limit.

The Central Government has so far given a dose of 103 crore vaccines to all the States and Union Territories.

Even after a record 100 crore doses of vaccine have been administered across the country, this campaign continues till all the people of the country are given doses of vaccine. On the occasion, Dr. VK Paul, a member of Niti Yoga, said that it is remarkable for any nation to reach a record of 100 crore doses in less than nine months of the commencement of vaccination program in India. The names of the states which give the most vaccines in the country are as follows.

1. Uttar Pradesh – 12,21,40,914

2. Maharashtra – 9,32,00,708

3. West Bengal – 6,85,12,932

4. Gujarat – 6,76,67,900

5. Madhya Pradesh – 6,72,24,286

its is also a very big good news that approval of vaccine for children from 2 to 18 years.

Corona vaccine has been given to people over the age of 18 to prevent corona. But soon young children (2 to 18 years) will also be vaccinated to deal with corona.

Yes, the Central Government has approved Bharat Biotech covacin for children aged 2 to 18 years. According to the Drug Controller General of India, 2 doses of covacin will be given to children.

However, at present the complete guideline for vaccinating children has not been issued. Full details will be released soon.

The trial of covacin has yielded very positive results, due to which DGCI has allowed vaccination of children.

Trials of the covacin have not been found to have side effects on children. At the moment, a guideline regarding this vaccine will be issued soon.

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