What do you expect-“when you are on another side of bad”
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This is really a great topic for my blog “why” that you have to decide after reading this article with a practical point of view.

What does a patient think?

when a patient sees a nurse inward the first question that comes to mind is only “The nurse knows about the treatment, she is educated and registered or not?

The patient or any client can easily understand that how much a nurse knows about the nursing practice that how you handle the question-answer of the patient.

What a patient prefers during treatment on bad?

A well educated and registered nursing staff can handle all the treatment or another procedure related to the patient and everything going smoothly.

The main concept is to reduce the anxiety of treatment, and a good well experience staff have the technique to minimize the anxiety by health education and communication.

The nurse can understand my language”What I want to say?

In some cases, the language is a big barrier to treatment when a patient comes from any village or interior place to the metro city, the patient has a fear that does a nurse or staff can understand the language.

Fear to express or expose the self-security in front of staff.

The patient has a big concern that how much I can express and what is the security of my personal data which I Discuss with any some cases like subside and murder the staff can able to get some detail from the patient but keep this detail for self or share with other like police or family member is her own concept and because of this, a patient has a big fear for self-security.

What is my view from another side of the bed?

I feel more pain when a nurse uses a needle for treatment. I need more attention from staff because I know the shortcuts of treatment. I need perfection in work. I can catch the fault of the staff what he/she has done.

I know a staff definitely make gossips with another staff at nurses station.

What do you expect?

As a nursing staff when I need treatment and on another side of bad, I think that I got a perfect treatment from the well educated and old experienced Nursing staff.

Security of my question or gossips share with any staff.

Minimize my anxiety or fear of treatment.

Guide me proper on further concept of treatment.

To under stand my language easily.

Give time to me to understand.

Provide me close and secure treatment environment.

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