What is Plasma therapy to treat corona?
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We all know that corona treatment is a very important concept for all of us worldwide. We know that COVID-19 is pandemic spread worldwide and it is dangerous for all because lacs of death occur in a short period of time. What is corona as we discussed in other articles you can reach on that for better understanding?

How doctors treat corona?

As if now there are no specific treatments and medicine or any vaccine discover for coronavirus. Especially doctors depend on the symptoms and other diseases like diabetes, malaria, blood pressure, they treat the patient.

Corona is a respiratory disease and it affects the respiratory system so doctors and other medical teams focus on the symptomatic treatment as symptoms present in the patient. Our respected doctors are great because they have treated lacs of patients worldwide suffer from the corona.

We all have to salute the Doctors, Nursing staff, Ayush doctors, and another paramedical team who has done a good job during this Covid-19 pandemic. All the doctors treat the patient as their own experience and try their Best possibility to treat patients, in that our doctors find out one of the best treatments is Plasma therapy.

What is Plasma Therapy? therapy is an old but useful treatment and in that patients, plasma used to treat new Corona positive patients. In that, we can use the plasma from a previously treated patient who is already affected by corona and come out from all the treatment.

In this condition, the antibody developed in the patient, and this antibody help to treat the new patient. Plasma therapy is really very effective therapy to treat corona. Problem face in plasma therapy.

The patient’s plasma collection is not so easy because first to encourage the patient to donate the plasma and if they agree then collection, process, and use for another patient safety is a big concern.

The plasma donor is very less in front of the corona patient. Research not totally prove that plasma therapy is 100% successful to treat corona patient so some practice plasma therapy does not allow to perform.

How plasma therapy work?

why this type of therapy has been so historically successful, requires a deeper dive into immunity.

There are 2 types of immunity one is active immunity and passive immunity.  

As we know Vaccination is an example of active immunity. Injection with a foreign substance, such as viral protein, produces an active immune response from the host that results in the production of antibodies (as well as other proteins that can aid in defending the body against the viral pathogen).

Upon secondary exposure to the virus, those antibodies will bind to the foreign proteins (antigens) associated with that virus and prevent viral infection or reproduction in host cells so as we can understand that what is the use of plasma donor and plasma from a patient who is recover from corona symptoms.

Who can donate the plasma?

  • Plasma donation is voluntarily service for nation.
  • The age of donors should be at least 18 years.
  • Women who have never been pregnant (nulliparous) and whose body weight is more than 55 kg, are eligible for plasma donation.
  • The person wishing to donate must be Covid-negative in two consecutive RT-PCR tests approved by government laboratory.
  • If the antibodies levels are good, they will be sent to the blood bank to donate plasma.
  • The donor should not exhibit signs of the infection.
  • Should be out of the hospital and leading a normal life.
  • Donors (recovered patients) can come forward after quarantine (about 24-28 days after onset of symptoms).
  • Their antibodies (anti SARS cov antibodies) are checked free of cost by government .

“Plasma Donation is a Nobel cause and every recovering person has to donate their plasma to a nation or for other corona patients”.

Author:- all the article is by our own concept and depend on our knowledge with online research so take a final decision after concern your family doctor for plasma therapy, donation.

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