What is the Nursing Process?
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This a scientific method designed to deliver patient care, through five simple steps with the concept of Complete care.

The people think that Nursing is just a work doing anyway they like but actual and really is totally change and that we all Nurses are knowing.

What are the Five Steps of Nursing care?

  1. Assessment – Assessment means close observation of patients.
  2. Diagnosis –  With physical symptoms and patient behavior, the nurse forms a diagnosis. for the best possibility.
  3. Outcomes / Planning – planning is an experience and knowledge-based skill in that a nurse can plan the treatment and other procedures.
  4. Implementation – implementing the care plan, nurses guarantee consistency of care for the patient whilst meticulously documenting their progress.
  5. Evaluation – close analyzing the effectiveness of the care plan and studying the patient response,

The nurse plan to achieve the very best patient outcomes for any patient and fulfill their role as a Health professionals with honesty. 

This is looking very simple steps but it’s the basis of care to perform on patients with proper planning and identify the needs of patients.

Assessment :-

The assessment can be subjective or objective it means sometimes a patient or client is able to explain his/her problems so we can easily identify the needs of care.

Assessment is the very first and important thing in nursing care because by which a nurse can observe the patient closely and able to find out all problems.

All the nurses think in a different way in Assessment some have good observation and some might be depending on person to person.


What a Nurse diagnosis is also very important because of your treatment, your goal, your outcome all things depend on your diagnosis and patient recovery is also depends on the diagnosis.

The Doctor and other health personal have paid their role to find out the diagnosis by laboratory investigation and all.

In some cases is Nurse can find out some better things before other health personals.

The care and nursing process is the continuous process by which all the steps attached to each other.

Outcomes / Planning

Planning is a on paper, systematic work of a nurse to follow during provide care to patient.

Planning may be Two types .

  • Long team planning
  • Short term planning

It means planning may be long term or may be short term but it is follow according to improvement of health of patient.

A planning may be change or divert according to health needs and outcomes.


implementation is a application of procedure or and planning that a nurse of team has to decide according to patient diagnosis.

The way of implementation or application may be different according education.


Evaluation is nothing but just the reexamination or checking of our work already has been done by the overall care planning system.

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